Our BTT roots stretch back two 2000 when former members of the Carlson Gracie Academy came together to develop new training techniques for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, creating the potent and effective style that became Brazilian Top Team.

Since 2009, Brazilian Top Team has been leading the way in Oregon’s martial arts community. In 2017, Gustavo Bessa (BJJ black belt and Professional MMA Fighter) forged a formal affiliation with the Brazilian Top Team organization. His dedication to building confidence and fundamental core values in each of his BTT students has helped to create a positive environment for every student to learn and grow. This premier Jiu Jitsu center focuses on providing both a family-friendly structure that encourages all ages, as well as a professional competition element that drives the betterment of each student.

Bessa has assembled a top-tier team of coaches and teachers who foster fundamentals in real-life self-defense, competition training, and positive fitness lifestyles. No matter a student’s age, ability, or fitness level, our mission is to help our students reach the next level and surpass their own goals.

Who we are

Gustavo Bessa

Head Coach

With decades of experience both as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, as well as in child development, Bessa’s unique perspective is what has helped BTT to flourish. Evolving past the mat, it’s his belief in nourishing the whole student that helps elevate the BTT experience

Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, Bessa’s experience as an MMA fighter has helped to shape every program at BTT. He was ranked as the #1 amateur MMA in PNW before going pro (record 9-0) with a 3-3 record, he then turned his attention to crafted the MMA HiiT program. Bessa gained his Black Belt under Diego Gamonal while taking child development classes and working in the child care industry. Blending the discipline of mixed martial arts and the nurturing needs of child development, Bessa has been able to create a unique Jiu Jitsu gym that focuses on nurturing the complete journey and aspect of every student.

Brazilian Top Team Sellwood is a reflection of Bessa’s hard work and unwavering commitment to developing the whole student. While understanding the importance of fundamentals and the Jiu Jitsu tradition, he has been able to evolve the style to the next level by listening to each individual student and harnessing their own potential to drive them further in life as well as mixed martial arts.


  • Silver Medalist IBJJF Pan Americans absolute Masters 1
  • Bronze Medalist IBJJF Pan American weight division Masters 1
  • Silver Medalist IBJJF European Masters 1
  • Multiple X Medalist IBJJF American Nationals Medalist Adult and Masters 1
  • Multiple X Medalist IBJJF Open (Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Lisbon)
  • Submission Underground Multiple X Tag Team Champions
  • Submission Underground and Fight 2 Win Super Fight veteran
  • Multiple X Gold Medalist Gi and No-Gi, Oregon, and Washington (Revolution, Oregon Open, Sub League, Grappling Industries, and Naga)

Briana King

With nearly 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Development, Briana’s expertise and understanding have helped shape the direction of BTT. Using her Bachelor’s of Science with a focus on Child Development Specialization and Family Studies as well as a Master’s of Science in Curriculum & Instruction for Early Childhood Education, she has been able to create unique engagement in each of BTT’s youth classes.

When it comes to Jiu-Jitsu, Briana is a multi-time American Nationals, Pan American, Worlds, and is a European medalist in the Masters’ division. Her 15 years of background in competitive soccer formed a drive to excel under pressure while honing her fundamental skills in sports and fitness.

When she is not training or developing new youth classes for BTT, Briana, a Professional Development Manager at a local non-profit, as well as an Early Childhood Education  Instructor for a Community College.

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